Monday, January 28, 2008

Second post... So soon!

Today I finally hooked up with a genuine policeman. He had responded to one of my ads looking for uniform or blue collar guys about 3 weeks ago, but the times we were supposed to hook up scheduling conflicts would arise and it didn't happen.

When he initially responded to my post, I googled the email address. I always do this when someone contacts me, mostly out of nosiness about what I might find. In this case, there was exactly one result, the webpage for a local police organization. I knew it was the same guy because not only the email matched, but the cell number on the page was the same number he had called me from. Now I'll admit, I have always had a fantasy of having an encounter with a cop. I know it's stereotypical, but it's mostly because I love clean cut guys. In fact, one of my biggest turn offs is long hair on a man. Anyhow, I now knew this guy is a cop, and what department he works for. I had no idea what he looked like, but he has a very sexy voice, a very butch Italian voice that got me hard almost immediately.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I'm sitting in my buddy's living room and my phone rings. I let the voicemail get it, and when I check my messages I see it was the cop. He was free this afternoon and wanted to come over. He had tried to call me earlier but got the wrong number. Ordinarily not a big deal but I had jerked off just an hour previously from being so damn horny and was spent. I wasn't going to put him off again, though, so I told him to come over and he said he'd be here in an hour.

I made my excuses to my buddy who was in a lousy mood anyway and got ready. When he showed up he was very doable. Short buzz cut hair, mustache and a Harley tattoo on his arm. We sat in the living room and chatted about things -- him being stuck in a bad marriage, my move out here, when he abruptly asked if I had any porn. I had a straight DVD I had found in the trash in my apartment building so I put that in. Within 3 minutes our pants were off and I had his dick in my mouth. It was a nice one, only about 5 inches but it had a FAT head on it, almost twice as thick as his shaft. I was jerking myself off and he wanted a taste of my dick. He sucked me for a few, then started to jerk me off. I reached under and jerked him off but couldnt hold out. I had to have that dick in my mouth again. He took the hint and we traded places on the chair. I started going down on him and he pulled me off saying he didn't want to cum just yet. I started sucking on his balls, and that's when I noticed it... on his other arm, there was a large police themed tattoo. Nice. It was shortly after this that he asked me if I swallowed. For him, I'd do anything. I sucked his cock for about another 3 minutes then his cream started flooding my mouth. It was delicious, and I was super hard despite having shot my wad only a short time earlier. I knew I wouldn't cum again, but I didn't care. I had gotten this stud cop's load and that was what I wanted. Next time I hope he'll be willing to fuck me and put that load up my hole...

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The Average Joe said...

oh yeah baby boy I sure hope he does :-)