Sunday, February 10, 2008

Twice In Less Than 24 Hours

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but here goes...

Saturday night I spent the evening with my buddy (Not sure how to apply a simple label to our relationship, I'm not going to go into it here but it works for us) and had a nice night of dinner, TV, porn and sex. I sucked his dick for over a half hour, tugging on his balls, licking his balls, sucking his dick again, rubbing his balls on my chin as I sucked his dick, (I had a little bit of stubble on my chin, the sensation was driving him wild) until he finally told me to get his dick wet. I spit all over it, and was commanded to sit on it.

With good old fashioned spit and pressure, my ass was resting against his pubes in a matter of about a minute. (He's got 8 fat inches, so I just enjoyed working it in my hole) I rode him for a few minutes, in a very awkward position for me as I had to hold myself up on the couch and my arms were about to give out. About that time, he told me to get on the floor on my hands and knees. He proceeded to ram my ass pretty good, until asking me if I wanted some cum. I needed a load up there, so I told him as much. Within seconds he was grabbing my shoulders shoving that fat dick in as far as it would go, emptying his nuts in my stretched open hole.

This morning I spent my lunch break at the mechanic's shop. I arrived and he was sitting at the desk in the office watching a clip of some chick getting rammed by a fat black dick on the computer. I unzipped him and started to go to work on his dick. It was fucking COLD in there, so we neither one got totally naked, only removing just enough clothing to get the job done. Actually, it was pretty hot blowing him in his mechanic's coveralls. I haven't smelled the smell of motor oil in a guy's crotch since I moved away from the tow truck driver I used to fuck around with. (A story for another time)

After I blew him for a few minutes he asked me if I needed to get that ass fucked. He led me to the back, in the area where they work on the cars, and showed me to a back seat taken out of someone's minivan. I assumed the position and felt his big dick sliding in. I hadn't realized how sore my hole was from last night until just then, but at that time it was too late to do anything about that since I knew he wouldnt stop ramming me until he'd dropped his load. After a few minutes the pain went away and it started to feel reeeeeeal good. It helped a bit that he started in with some nasty talk, telling me how good my white ass looked stretched around his fat dick, and how he bet I'd love for him to line up guys to fuck me all day, and on and on like that. I, on the other hand, could do little more than moan quite loudly as the minivan seat started scooting across the floor from the force of his fucking. That turned him on, he said how he liked hearing me moan like a bitch as he used my pussy. I was rock hard, but didn't touch my dick since he had ordered me not to the last time I was there. After about 10 minutes of this, he started working my hole over, pulling all the way out and slamming it back in, HARD. On one of these strokes, he left it out saying he was too close to cumming. He put it back in, and just as soon as he pulled all the way back out again he yelled out "Shit you made me cum!" and felt him shove it back in, saying "Well, you started it so you better finish the rest of it....". My ass was so numb by then I couldnt actually feel the sperm shooting out of his dick, but I could feel the wetness when he pulled out. I imagine my ass wasn't closing up, but I just pulled my pants up since I had to get to work. We washed up, I only had some awful Pina Colada lube packets so I had to get that shit off my hands before I left. I don't know what the minivan owner will think of their back seat reeking of it, but that's not my problem.

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The Average Joe said...

fuck now thats what I'm talking about. two bare loads just the way I like them. Get in touch with rawtop and ask him to put you down on his reader list.