Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bookstore Bust

Yesterday I made the drive town to a bookstore I'd heard about about an hour South of here. The trip didn't start out too well, there was a pile-up on the freeway that delayed me at least a half hour. Then when I made my way to the offramp to get back on the freeway, the car in the lane next to me proceeded to catch on fire.

I arrived at my destination about 8:00, and the only guy in there was a 50's banker looking dude in a dress shirt and slacks. I waited a couple minutes and went to the booth opposite his. He was stroking a nice piece of meat, so I came to the doorway of his booth. I stroked him for a bit when a nice looking guy came in, he had a bit of a beer belly but he was actually pretty cute. He peeked in, and went off to check out the other booths. At this point, I was wanting to get the banker guy off because I really wanted to play with the chubby guy. I went down on the banker guy, which he really liked. The other guy came back as soon as I got the banker dude's dick in my mouth, after finding the other booths deserted. When he saw that we both didn't care if he watched, he came to the doorway and pulled out a fat uncut slab of meat. It was at this point I saw his wedding ring. That's a big turn on for me, mostly because the first guy to fuck me raw was a married fireman I know. (He shot nice thick loads, too, the kind I could feel in my gut for hours after we'd fucked...) Anyhow... back to the present. I reached up and started jacking him while I sucked the other guy. Banker guy came in my mouth, I held it there and went down on the married guy, sliding his dick around in the other guy's load.

Banker guy left, so it was just me and married guy. I sucked him while he looked for a good movie on one of the video channels, and I pulled my pants down, hoping he might want to fuck me. He was a blowjob only guy, though, and he was really enjoying the head he was getting. unfortunately for me, though, he shot after about 5 minutes. He had some delicious jizz, though, and I made sure to get every drop. We said our goodbyes and I was alone for the next hour and a half. I call it a bust because while I did get some hot action, it all happened in the first 20 minutes I was there and not a single soul came in the rest of the night. It wouldn't have been such a bummer if I hadn't been an hour and a half getting there.

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