Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Second Time... Much Better

After work today I decided to head South again to catch a ballgame. Since I arrived in town about 2 hours before gametime I dropped in to the bookstore to see what was going on.

On my way in I passed a cuuuuute guy, short kinda shaggy reddish hair, crystal blue eyes, and a nice smile. We said hi and he went back toward the store area. Damn. I checked out the booths to see what was going on. There were the usual trolls, and there was a cute kinda chubby guy in one fo the last stalls. I'm a sucker for a guy with a cute face. Dick size doesn't matter as much to me as a cute face does. Anyhow, he was stroking a FAT piece of meat. It was probably about 6 inches long, but it was very, very thick. I stood in the doorway and watched him for about a minute then got down on my knees and started to blow him. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes, then he wanted me to fuck him. I was game for it, but while I was getting myself hard he got too excited watching me stroke that he blew a massive load all over the floor. That was fun, though, so I headed back down the hall to see what else was going on.

I ran into the cute guy again, he headed into a booth opposite one where some guy was blowing a trucker looking guy. He stood there looking at the movie, but made no attempt to shoo me away. Encouraged, I blocked the doorway from the crowd that was gathering to watch the action in the opposite booth. We kind of stood there for a few minutes and I noticed the bulge growing in his pants. I decided to take the first move and started rubbing his basket a bit. I thought he was going to cum right there. I started to find his zipper, but he said "In a minute" and started out the door.

I followed hin to the entrance, where there was a set of broken booths nobody ever went into. Before I could even get in the door, he had his fly open and his boner freed. I wasted no time taking that thing into my mouth, and again, I thought he was going to cum right there. I started feeling him as I sucked his dick, feeling his big beefy paws, and then I felt his wedding ring. Sweet. He had the nicest hands, with big thick fingers and chubby palms. I was getting way turned on by him as I continued feeling him up, all over his legs, his nips, his feet, everywhere I could reach with his dick still in my mouth. He asked if I minded if he just sat back and enjoyed it, to which I replied not at all, you can do anything you want. I must've blown him for 20-30 minutes, but I'm not really sure. We were both way into each other, in a sort of connection that's rare in that sort of venue. Finally, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started jacking it. I asked if he was close, and he just nodded. I told him I wanted it and put my mouth back down to his dickhead. After about 30 seconds he said "Here it is" and I put my mouth back on his shaft just in time to catch a pretty good sized load. It had a very pleasant taste, and I held it in my mouth for a bit, savoring it before gulping it down. We chatted for a bit, and he really wanted to get together again. I'm definately game for that, he said he gets up here for work now and then so I gave him my phone number... We'll see if anything else happens.

After that I needed to get off so I went back down to the booth where I blew the chubby guy and started to jack it. Some guy came in and wanted to suck me, and I just needed to get off so I let him have at it. As he was kneeling on the floor I remembered the chubby guy had blasted a fairly good sized load all over the floor. Sure enough, after I'd fed the guy my load I saw his knees and pantlegs were crusty with the chubby guy's load. I hope he didn't have to explain that to someone at home...

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