Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep On Truckin'

Shortly after I moved here, I had an ad out and one of the responses said simply "Iam (edit) I Need 2 Feed U My Cock And Massive Load Call Only 4 Info Its 1207 Now (number edited) Call Me"

What the hell... I called and he answered. He was a 30 year old straight trucker parked behind some factory about 30 minutes South of here just looking to get off. He sounded hot, but a voice isn't really a good indicator of anything. I talked with him on the phone as I rode down there, and eventually reached the factory he was at. I parked my car and walked over to the row of big rigs and found his. He was as cute as he sounded, thankfully!

I climbed in, and sat in the passenger seat as we chatted a bit. Finally we moved into the sleeper compartment, which was very clean, and he pulled his shorts down. He had a very nice dick, probably about 7 inches, which I started licking and sucking all over. He didn't last long, maybe 10 minutes tops, before he announced he was going to feed me some cum. I just held his dick in my mouth and let the spurts of jizz coat my tongue. He tasted pretty good, and when he was done I swallowed it and licked the last drop out of his slit. We talked a bit more then I headed back home.

About 2 months later, we met again, this time at a rest stop along the highway. That visit was much like our first, him just laying back and enjoying me servicing his tool. I was immensely turned on, sucking off a hot trucker in his sleeper cab. It wasn't about me, though, so I just focused on getting him off. Again, I got a load of tasty jizz.

I havent seen him since then, but periodically I would get text messages saying things "Hi I am jerking off thinking of you", and other romantic things. Last Friday the phone rang, I was asleep but answered it anyhow. It was him, saying he might be in town soon. I told him to definately call me, hopefully I can get him to fuck me this time. That would be wicked hot, getting this "straight" stud to ram me is his truck...


damien whitfield said...

yes, let him fuck u next time and of course u have to tell us about it, keep it cumming

Anonymous said...