Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing But Sex And Work

Today I tried something new and hooked up with this leather daddy before work. After meeting up, I'm not so sure the scene is for me. I am attracted to motorcycle cops and their leather boots, but I think I am more attracted to the uniform, with the boots being part of the package. Anyway, I ended up being there for about an hour, and after I blew him I said I had to leave for work. In the car, I checked my messages and I had an Email form this horse dicked black kid that has fucked me a few times. He was wanting to dump a load, but I was really cutting it close to get to work on time. Well, hell, I called in to work and told them I was running late and headed over to the black kid's house.

I can't remember now if I've written about him before, but he's in his early 20's, nice body but his face... he just has this really dopey look to him. I can over look that since he's packing a 9 inch donkey dick. Oh, yeah, and he doesn't fuck with a condom. In fact, the first time we fucked I kind of toyed with him a bit. I had a sense that he fucked bare, partly from the fact he has 3 or 4 kids with different women and partly from his attitude. That first night, after I had sucked him hard and he had his bare cock pointed at my hole I asked him if he wanted a condom, fully expecting the response of "I don't use that shit" as he pushed his bare cock inside me.

I arrived at his place, and wasted no time sucking his cock fully hard. Since I was on a time limit, once he was fully hard I lubed his shaft up and he flung me over the couch and slid his bare tool inside. This guy never wastes any time in launching into a full out assault on my hole. He held onto my hips and roughly jammed that slab into me repeatedly, before bending over and grabbing me in a bear hug as he fucked me. I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back as he churned my insides up.This assault on my ass went on for about 10 minutes before he went in balls deep and unloaded inside me. He pulled out and I pulled my pants up. On the way out he was apologizing for something, but I wasn't sure what. The guy had thrown such a great fuck into me I could barely stand up straight and he was apologizing? I got to work about 15 minutes late, no really big deal.

I went about my day with the black kid's load inside me, and as I was about to go on my dinner hour there was another message from him. The fucker was horny again! What the hell, I told him I'd be over. As I went to clean myself out in the bathroom, I wondered if maybe he hadn't cum earlier... That was answered as a huge glob of sperm came out of my ass. At least I knew he had gotten off earlier. I was back at his place and again wasted no time in sucking him hard. Since I had a little more time he tried to jam that slab down my throat, and took a few opportunities to slap me in the face with his big donkey dick. Once he was ready to fuck again he bent me over the couch, lubed his tool up and jammed it into me. I was a bit sore from his fuck earlier, but he needed to get off so I just took it. He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, in various positions on the couch, before we finally ended up on the floor with him laying on top of me jamming his fuckstick in as far as he could get it. He had worked up a sweat again, and by this time the whole back of my body was covered in his sweat. Finally he bottomed out in my ass again and he snorted and made some noises so I told him to "fill me up with that nutt". He did, and I felt his dick throbbing as he emptied his nuts inside me. He apologized for sweating all over me, which I didn't really care about. He then said he would probably see me next week, so I said I was looking forward to it and headed back to work.

And on my way home there was a message from Mr Condom... he was needing to unload as well. I took my sore ass over there and let him add his spooge to the black kid's load that was still in my guts.


Quincy Rowe said...

Just you also lick and slurp and clean those dicks that have just nutted up inside your asspussy? I'm a black guy who enjoys a lil "side action " breeding and seeding white boicunts like you..and I FUCKING LOVE IT when white bottoms instantly drop to their knees to take my cummy dick in their mouths, polishing my dick clean of our combinded fuck juices, drives me INSANE every time it's done to me!

Cleveland bottom guy said...

I have done that when the guy wants me to. I do like to lick off the last bit of cum that's trapped in the shaft. :)