Thursday, October 31, 2013

4 Load Week

Monday started out with this bi black guy I sucked off like 2 years ago hitting me up. He lives a ways on the opposite side of town from me, and I wasn't up to driving all that way just to suck dick, so I asked if he was interested in fucking.

He was, so after some Emailing and him sending a picture of a very nice, long cock to entice me I was on my way over there after work. He wanted to fuck me in the shower, which was fine as it meant the odds of a condom where small. We got in the shower and he soaped his dick up and slid it in my hole. It felt good, and he fucked me like that for about 15 minutes. We dried off and then he led me to a bedroom with no furniture in it, just some kids toys. He put the towel on the floor and I got down on it so he could take me doggy style. He fucked me like that for another 10 minutes, then he pulled out and started beating off asking me where I wanted his load. "In my ass" was of course my reply. "Why do you want that in your ass so bad?" "I want to feel you cum in me." He slid his dick back inside, and after about 10 strokes was deep inside unloading his balls. I went on home and went to bed after that, tired but in a good way.

Wednesday I was horny as hell so I went to the baths. I got there around 3, and nothing was happening. After a few hours, I went out for dinner and came back later. The crowd had picked up, and I ran into a guy that had fucked me there before a few times. Now, every other time he fucked me, he insisted on a rubber. Something happened to change his tune, because this time he was all about fucking bare. As I would find out as we entered the steam room, that wasn't limited to just him!

We were in the steam room making out and what not when he bent me over and started fucking me, raw. I didn't notice, but a third guy was watching. My top fucker invited the guy over, and told me what a big cock the guy had. I reached around and felt about 7 thick inches, with a fat head on it. My top pulled out and invited the guy I had not yet seen to fuck my ass. I grabbed his cock and started to pull him towards me. That made up his mind and he slid his shaft into me, stretching me open with his bareback dick. He fucked for a few minutes, then pulled out saying he didn't want to cum yet. My first top re-entered and kept talking tot he other guy, who I had now gotten a peek at and he was in his 30's and cute. After 10 minutes or so the first top had invited the other guy to fuck me some more. He wasn't sure, claiming he didn't want to cum, but his cock won out and he was back inside me. After about 5 minutes he said "Uhhhh. I don't want to cum yet but this ass is making me wanna." "Shoot in him, he wants it." the other guy said. Another 3 or 4 minutes and the second guy was grunting and pumping me full of sperm, his fat head keeping it all trapped inside me.

At this point my original top and I separated, planning to meet up later.

Part 2 coming soon.


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Nice story! So hot it makes me need to go and jack off....

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Thanks, guys!!