Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part 2

So as I was walking around I saw this really cute guy coming out of his room. I said hi and he returned the greeting. I walked around a bit and nothing much was going on.

I walked back down to the sauna, and the original top that I met up with was standing there with cute guy watching someone sucking dick. It was apparent they had been talking, because when top #1 saw me he motioned me over to cute guy and said "Suck his dick". I did, kneeling on the floor and eventually getting both of their dicks in my mouth at the same time. As this was going on, they were talking. I couldn't hear most of it, the conversation sounded like wah wah wah... let's take turns fucking him.

I was led to cute guy's room, and in moments I was bent over with someone's dick in my ass. Top #1 was then putting his dick in my mouth, so I reached around and felt that cute guy had declined a rubber and was fucking me raw. Nice.

At some point, the door was opened and a black guy was in the room. I blew him for a while, but when he was offered my ass he declined and left. OK. A few other guys came and went, a few fucked me but none came inside me.

This went on for about a half hour, and I was beginning to realize that my Monday night escapade in the shower, while hot, was a bad idea. The soap had done my hole no favors and I was really starting to get uncomfortable. While I was thinking about this, cute guy, who had been power fucking my ass, announced he was close. I just reached around and pulled him closer to me, and in about 2 minutes he was grunting and dumping his load inside my ass.

I walked around a bit, hoping that my ass would stop hurting but it never did. While wandering around I ran into the black guy who took me to his room to suck him off. After he shot in my mouth I went on home, rather disappointed I had to cut my evening so short.


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