Sunday, May 9, 2010

Check Up

This afternoon I got a call from my doctor friend inviting me back to the hospital for a quick fuck. Of course I instantly said "Yes", it was on the way home and I hadn't taken a load from him in ages.

I arrived at the hospital, and unlike last time I found him almost immediately. He led me back to another set of rooms where the on-call doctors nap and shut the door. Since there's no lock on the door, he put a chair in front of the door, which he proceeded to sit in after pulling his scrub pants down. He was already half hard, so I took his uncut slab in my mouth and had him hard within a minute. I was blowing him, and of course, I was making some nice sucking noises with my mouth. He put his hand on my head to stop me, as he heard someone in the hallway. I never took my mouth off of him, and resumed sucking (quietly) for another 10 minutes or so until he was ready for my ass.

I kicked my shorts off and backed up to his spit slicked pole. Damn, that felt good! It was kind of awkward, and there was a bed a few feet away but he felt the need to keep the door shut so I was kind of stuck in this position of riding him if I wanted that dick in me, which I did. I rode him for a good 15 minutes when he grabbed into me tightly, which was the signal he was unloading inside me. I sat all the way down on his cock, squeezing it and milking as much of his load into me as I could. Finally I felt him going soft so I got up. There was a big glob of cum on the end of his dick which he wiped off with a towel. We dressed and he led me back to the hallway. Of course, I spent another 10 minutes trying to find my way out of that damn place -- running around trying to find the elevator. Once I DID locate the elevator, I felt something on my leg. Yep... the cum had started to leak out of my ass and was halfway down my leg -- totally visible since I had shorts on. If there had been someone cute nearby I would have left it and see how bright they were, but there was nobody there so I wiped it off my leg and flung it on the floor as I made my way home.

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The Roving Ranter said...

Great post ... so I wonder why so many doctors look so stern if they're getting action like that?