Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm back... I've decided not to let the really gross encounters get me down!

Now a quickie from the other day... The whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes, so as you might expect it'll be a short story.

I was chatting with this guy that lived not far from work, so I arranged to stop by for a quick fuck before work. I arrived at his ghetto pad, he led me down the hall to the bedroom where he pulled his shorts off and I got undressed. ( I hate the winter... so many things to take off!) He was laying back on the matterss on the floor, so I started to suck his dick, lick his balls, trying to get him hot and bothered for a nice fuck session.

After about 5 minutes, he said "U ready for it?" to which I of course replied in the affirmative. He rolled me over onto my back, fingering my hole while his jerking his 8" black shaft. "You clean?" he asked. Yeah... I got a condom if you want." "Naw, it's cool" he said as he slid his raw dick in my hole. He fucked me like that on my back for a bit, then rolled me over onto my side. He grabbed my legs and started jackhammering his cock into me, and after about 3 minutes he announced he was going to cum. I asked if he was going to shoot it on my face, to which he replied "Naw... I'm cummin in you." Which he was, as I felt his cock sliding around in some major wetness. He pulled his cum coated shaft out of my ass, I got dressed and was on my way.

About 2 hours later his load started to leak out of me, along with that unmistakable smell of warm cum.

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BikeGuy said...

good good job. on both your parts.