Thursday, January 7, 2010

Showing A Visitor Hospitality

I was sitting at work and was super horned so I posted an ad on CL. As usual, I got a few shit replies and a ton of spam. I did, however, strike gold when I got the following: "hey there, business/factory guy, at hotel near the airport, could use your mouth to cum into tonight. 47 6' 195lb super clean. shaved cock and balls" with a picture of the aforementioned cock and balls. Nice. We emailed some pics and he finally replied with "sounds great, room 209, i'll leave it unlocked walk right in. gotta be discrete, coworkers nearby."

I arrived at the hotel and found the door to room 209 open just a crack. I went in and there was an attractive guy in his mid 30's, balding a bit but still super hot, groping a bulge through his pants. We exchanged pleasantries and I unzipped his work pants and out popped his hard cock. It was absolutely perfect to suck on. About 6", uncut, and just fat enough to fill my mouth. I deep-throated him, holding his dick all the way down my throat which he absolutely loved. He was moaning as loudly as he dared, and I just kept sucking that meat all the way down to the balls. Finally his breath quickened and I knew he was going to give up the white gold. He never asked if I'd take the load, which in itself was a turn on.

He remained collapsed in the chair with his head back in post-orgasmic stupor while I gingerly dug my tongue around his slit to see how sensitive he was after cumming. He wasn't very, so I went back into full-on suck mode seeing if he would get hard again. He didn't, so I just cleaned him up real good while he caught his breath. "Wow." was about all he said. We made a bit of smalltalk and he promised to let me know when he would be back in town. Today I got an email from him: "that was great man, thanks. will definitely look you up again when in town. I don't do this often cause its so hard to find a nice guy and great cocksuckin' skills like yours, just get all horny looking at cock porn in this hotel room every night and a mouth like yours sure beats jacking off." I think I did my job as a cocksucker.

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