Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had a good night at the bookstore yesterday... I got about 7 loads from guys, and even fucked a guy and gave him a load up his ass. (He felt pretty wet as I was fucking him, so he confessed he already had a load in him before I fucked him.)

Here are some shots from 2 guys that wanted to shoot it on my face, as well as a third that only wanted a hand job so I jerked him off (that load isn't included in the total). I made sure to get a nice big blob of his cum on my shoe, so I could look down all day today and be reminded of that cock shooting a load all over the place.


Black Bull said...

Damn Bottom... you got a hot mouth... hmm, makes me wonder about the rest of the package.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thanks! Come to town and you just might see more! :)