Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here's a story... of a lovely cumdump

Since yesterday's post generated a massive amount of feedback... here's what went down yesterday.

I got a call from the black guy, I'll call him Tom. He wanted to get a room and all that... of course, he wanted ME to pay for it. Even if I had the money (Which I don't) that really wouldn't be much benefit to me since there would be no potential for slutting it up after I'd gotten him off. With that information, he agreed to fuck at the bookstore where we met (Doesn't that sound so romantic). I arrived and found him there jacking in a booth. He really wanted to watch me suck someone, or have someone fuck me, but there were only two men there at the moment I was interested in having anything to do with. One was a super tall white guy with a shaved head and a goatee, the other was a black guy in a suit wearing a wedding ring.

The black guy wasn't interested in doing anything... so scratch that cold fish off the list. The white guy would pop in... see that Tom was just jacking off and leave before I could say anything. I looked around to see if there was anything else worth having, but no such luck. Tom moved to the other side of the arcade when he was ready to get down to business. He requested a condom, which I thought was odd given his comment on the phone, but whatever. I worked his meat inside me, taking it easy because he is fucking huge and I hadn't been fucked in over a week. He took his time, until I was good and opened, then he started slamming it in. Completely pulling out, slamming back in till I felt him bottom out deep inside me. I was literally shaking, my dick was leaking a river of cum, his fucking felt so good. "Is this too much for you?" "No! Keep fucking me!" and he did. Royally.

As I was getting rammed by this stud, tall guy came in and stood at the door to our booth. "SUCK HIS DICK" Tom commanded, and tall guy obliged by unzipping and shoving a half-hard slab in my mouth. He face fucked me with a hard 7 incher for a few minutes before leaving. Whatever. All that came by after was the usual assortment of trolls that I had no interest in, so I just put my head down, grabbed onto the ledge in front of the video screen and enjoyed the ride. Tom never said a whole lot, except that he wanted to see someone else fuck me sometime, and how he loved to fuck me like a white bitch. After some time, his phone started ringing. Not missing a stroke, he took it out and shut it off, only to have it start ringing about 10 minutes later. I think it was his wife, because he started acting like he wanted to shoot his load. He pulled out and asked me where I wanted his cum. "Inside me" was my answer... and his reply... "I can't do that." Ugh. About that time... he blasted an enormous amount of jizz onto my leg.

Tom bolted after he shot... not sure if I freaked him out or not since he always leaves immediately after getting off. So there I was, with this massive amount of hot cum on my leg, and my finst instinct was to grab the camera and capture this Kodak moment for posterity. Next I decided to do something I had never, ever done before. Since I was prepared to let him blow this up my hole anyway... I scooped up all the cum I could off my leg and shoved it up my ass with my fingers. Fuck Tom had blown a massive load, and after 2 or 3 minutes I had gotten almost all of that creamy batter inside my hole. I was rock hard by then, at which point I looked across the hall and saw married black guy there, jerking his hard dick. I went over and started jerking him, and asked if I could suck it. He didn't want that... so I stood there playing with his balls and after about 15 seconds he shot a decent load... all over my arm. He zipped up and left, so again I was there with another load of jizz covering my body.

What the fuck... since this guy was such a cold fish as far as doing anything and married, plus the fact I would have let him cum in me anyway if he wanted to... I scraped this load off my arm and added it to Tom's load inside my hole. Yeah... I'm neg and yeah, I just put 2 random guy's loads up my ass. I don't know what's taken hold of me but lately I just crave cum... If I'm into a guy, then I almost *need* him to blow his batter up my hole... But I'm getting off topic here.

Married guy zips up and leaves, and there was nothing else worth bothering with crusing the halls. After about 30 minutes, a decent looking black guy comes in, and is stroking his dick to a vid when I peek in his booth. He instantly covers up, so I figure he's not interested and go on about my business, waiting for someone else to come in. I guess he changed his mind after a while, because comes into the booth I'm in, and whips it out and tells me to start sucking it. He's average, about 6 inches, but he was really into face fucking me. He said some stuff like "Oh yeah, suck that dick..." or some such nonesense guys say when they're getting blown. After fucking my face for about 5 minutes he asked if I wanted his load. "Hmmm-mmmmm" was all I could say with my head pinned against the wall of the booth and a dick in my mouth. "Good" he says, and proceeds to unload in my mouth. I lick around the head of his dick, getting all the last drops of cum out of it, and he puts his meat away, thanks me and leaves. Instantly, tall guy is back, and is shoving his dick in on top of the black guy's cum that I hadn't even had a chance to swallow. He also fucks my mouth for a short time and just wordlessly adds his pudding to what was left of the other guy's load in my mouth. I licked the white streaks off his shaft, he zips up,says "Thanks" and heads back to whatever's waiting for him at home.

I hung around for another hour or so afterward, not much else happened except a rather cute married guy came in, was jacking to a movie so I watched him. I unzipped and jacked, got no objection so I moved over to his booth. I got on my knees and started to play with his nuts, which I guess was all he needed because he fired off his load of cum. Not wanting it to be wasted I clapped my lips around the end of his dick and swallowed it all. He said nothing, just left. Not sure if that was what he wanted, but it was what *I* wanted!

It had quieted down, so I pulled out my phone and checked my mail. Out of town worker was coming back tonight, so I shot him a reply and told him I'd be glad to drain his nuts tonight. He was dessert to the cock buffet I had dined on.

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FUCK those are *huge* loads!!! Hot pics! -Dan