Saturday, April 10, 2010

Part one

I'll start the story to go along with the pictures. Let me know if it's worth continuing.

I went down to the bookstore to meet up with that horse dicked black guy that has fucked me a few times before. I got there a little before he did, so I started scouting the place out to see if I could get a load before he got there. The place was pretty dead, but I did see one early 30's "straight" looking guy there with his dick out. I went into hius booth, and since there was no objection, I started playing with his meat. After about 10 seconds a crowd of trolls swarmed around the booth (where the hell did they come from??) so he put his dick away.

I was thinking they had fucked it up for me, but he whispered to me to come with him to the other side. (This place has two different rooms with video booths) He led me into a dark booth with a broken monitor, and ordered me back down on his dick. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes, before he announced he was going to cum, and he wanted to shoot it all over my face like a good little slut. I obviously dind't mind, so I knelt there with my mouth open as he shot a good sized load all over my face. I snapped a quick pic and scraped the cum off my face and ate it. As soon as I was finished cleaning up, big dick arrived.

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Horny in CLE said...

man i've gotten know where this bookstores are! Can you email me some info? I can't find any stores like this in the CLE area.