Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Three Loads In One Day

I had a spare evening last week, so I threw an ad up on one of the hookup websites. In a short time I had a reply that said simply: "Black top. West side. 8.5-9" dick. Masc and hosting at my own spot. I love to pound a nice white boy till he creams all over my dick." We exchanged numbers, and after a few texts I was headed over to his place.

In short order I was between his legs, sucking on a nice, long juicy cock. He liked to make me choke on his dick, so there were repeated instances of him shoving it all the way down my throat and holding the back of my head until I choked on his dick. I sucked that cock until it was hard as a spike, and after about 10 minutes I was pulled to the edge of the bed. He spit a wad onto my hole, and soon his raw black shaft was probing my hole. He slid in, and started fucking with a nice rhythm almost immediately. Damn, that bare dick felt so good in my hole! He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, on my side, on my back, in every position imaginable. This assault continued until he had his full weight on top of me, pinning me to the bed as he hammered his rod in my hole, and let out a few UNNNNNGHS. I could feel his cock throbbing as he dumped what he said was a 3 day load in my guts. There must have been 6 or 7 pulses as he dumped in me. As I was leaving his house I realized I didn't know his name.

A short time later I was on one of the apps and there was another guy who had fucked me before online. He was eager to drop a load in me, so I headed over to his place.  He lived a short distance from the first guy, so in about 5 minutes I was naked and bent over his bed. He hasn't got the longest dick, but it is FAT. I needed some more lube to get that sucker inside me. He must have been horny, because after about 10 minutes, he was adding his load to the other guy's load in my hole. My hole was pretty worn out after all that abuse, so I went out and did some shopping before I headed home.

As I was on my way home, I got a text form the first guy asking if I wanted another load. I debated about it, but of course I couldn't resist so I texted him back. He asked if my ass was clean, and I said the only thing there was in it was cum. That turned him on, so in a few minutes I was back in his bed, and he was busy churning up all the cum that was in my ass. After about 15 minutes of pounding, cum was all down my ass and covering my balls. He loved that, and it wasn't long before he replaced all the cum he had worked out of my ass during our sex bout.

I went home sore and happy!

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