Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mr Condom Whores Me Out

I've been busy being a slut this year. To date, I've only been fucked with a condom twice since the beginning of the year. Both times were in the porn shop when the top put a rubber on, but nobody else has bothered.

Tonight I hit up Mr Condom as I wanted a quick load on my way home from work. He's been wanting me to find some woman to fuck, and I did try once but that's not really my thing. He then wanted me to find another bottom for him to fuck while he fucked me, but the ones I found wanted a bunch of pictures and crap. Tonight he came up with the idea of another top to fuck me after he was done. Now we're talking!

In short order he had someone, and all I knew of him were his stats:

25..5'11..190...7.5 cut..

where will you want his load?

I replied "Its up to him where he wants to put it, u know I like it in my ass!"

After a few more messages I made certain the guy A) Wouldn't mind fucking me with a load already up there and B) Wouldn't want a condom.

Mr Condom replied with a cut and paste with the convo he was having with the other guy: MM: if i bb i dont pull out


I arrived at Mr Condom's place before the other top, who I still had no idea what he looked like. I blew Mr Condom while we waited for the other guy to show. After I'd been there maybe 5 minutes the other guy finally showed. He was a fucking STUD and I couldn't believe my luck that I was going to get fucked by him. He wasted no time stripping, and I blew him while Mr Condom fucked me. In all too short a time, Mr Condom was cumming in me. I wasn't sure that had happened until he was pulling his shorts up, as I was busy blowing the other stud. He was sitting on the ratty sofa in the basement, so I just turned around and sat on his beautiful cock. I guess the scene was too much for him because I rode him for maybe 3 minutes and he slammed me down on his dick and he proceeded to fill me with his cum. I knew he was shooting because I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole. Nice. We got dressed and left at the same time, but he didn't say anything to me as we were leaving, I guess he got his nut and that was all he needed. I'd gladly be his cumdump any day.

The two of them shooting in me brought my load count for 2012 up to 35 loads I've taken so far.


bdude7998 said...

love your stuff dude. keep it up!

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

Horny in CLE said...

nice... I've yet to have a successful group situation.. very hot...

You make me wanna be a bad boy and say fuck the condoms...