Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He took it off and bred me

Just got in from a repeat with this young black kid I met on CL. The first time we fucked, neither one of us had a place so he directed me to a toilet in a park by his house. It worked, and I didn't write about that encounter since he made a big show of having a condom and putting it on.

Tonight we met again in the toilet, it was well after midnight so nobody was around. He had asked me to bring a condom this time, and I had one, which is unusual for me. We got in the toilet and he pulled his pants down revealing an already hard cock. I sucked him for a few minutes, and he asked if I was ready. I was, so I handed him the condom, which he put on. I applied a dab of lube to my hole and he slid his cock in. After fucking me for a few minutes, he pulled out and told me to "Stay right there." After a brief pause his tool was re-inserted into my hole. He was fucking me pretty good when his dick fell out. Being the helpful slut, I grabbed his tool and guided it back to my hole. When I felt his prick I knew what the pause was for. The little fucker had taken the condom off and was fucking me bare!

I let him think I hadn't noticed and he kept fucking me. After about 5 minutes he pulled out and announced he had cum. He VERY quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants so I couldn't see he had taken the rubber off and came inside me. (I know he shot in me, I can feel the cum in me as I type this) I'd lgadly have a repeat with him, next time I'll see if we can just drop the pretext of condoms since i know he wants to dump his load in my ass, where it belongs.

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BikeGuy said...

I kind of like the deception - even if everyone knows it's not real. Let him think it another time or two.