Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Guys, 6 Loads, Part 2

So after that, I was on a "high" form fucking around with such a hot stud. I was walking around a bit and this married guy that usually ignores me pulled me into his booth. He wanted his fat 7 incher sucked. He wasn't into fucking, so I just sucked him till he blew in my mouth and I swallowed his spunk and sent him on his way.

About 10 minutes later, this decent looking blond guy with a little meat on his bones wearing a Hollister shirt started cruising me. I invited him into my booth, and started blowing him. He was wanting to fuck, so I turned around. His tool slid right in, as I was lubed with farmer cum. He fucked me good and hard for about 10 minutes before asking "Where do you want this load?" "Where ever you want." He pumped a few more strokes then went balls deep and unloaded inside, like I knew he would. He cleaned up and left. The crowd had died down considerably, so I hung around for 10 more minutes then went out for some dinner.

When I came back there was a group of guys outside smoking, one was the clerk, one was a black guy that lives in the bookstore but never does anything with anyone and the third was a cute guy in his 30's. I went in and there really wasn't much going on, just a few trolls wandering around and one cute married guy in business casual dress but he wouldn't even look in my direction. After a few minutes the smoke party broke up and the cute guy came towards the arcade, shitty attitude black guy in tow. I put a dollar in a booth and really didn't expect much, but before long cute guy was in my booth. We made out for a bit, before removing our shirts and I started to play with his nipples. He started feeling me up and stuck his hand down my pants and put a finger in my hole. I pulled my pants down and turned around, he aimed his fat slab (I'm guessing it was 7 inches, it was long and THICK) at my hole, and hawked a big glob of spit on it and slid it in. God, that felt so good! He fucked me in a few positions in the booth, pressed against the wall, bent over the chair, until finally, he grunted and unleashed his flood of sperm into my hole. We cleaned up and I went to see if there were any more cocks needing attention.

I sucked off a few guys, nothing really special there, when finally this bald guy in his 40's came in, wearing a grease-stained T-shirt, blue Dickies pants and work boots. A trucker. He wasn't normally someone I'd go after, but since I love to get fucked by truckers I went for it. He went into a booth, leaving the door cracked. I waited a minute while he chose a movie, then peered in. The trucker was stroking an already hard, veiny 8 incher. He motioned me in, so I started to suck that rod. As I was blowing him, I noticed a wedding ring so I figured he would just want to get sucked off. Eh, like I say, I love to fuck around with truckers so I'd just enjoy getting him off and swallow his load. After a bit the time ran out on the booth. This time I genuinely WAS just putting money into the booth, and when I bend down to put my wallet back in my pants, Mr Trucker just slid his 8 inches inside my hole. I think that's why I like fucking with truckers, there's no nonsense. He wanted to fuck, I had bent over so he just shoved it in. No asking, no condom, no nothing but him taking what he wanted. I braced against the wall while he picked up the pace. He fucked me for maybe 5 minutes before he held his rod all the way inside. I thought I felt him cumming, but I wasn't sure. When he pulled out I asked him if he'd cum. "Oh, yeah." Typical trucker, he wanted to cum inside, so he just did it! Nice.

After that I went to the car to chug some water, and saw the trucker get into his rig and drive off. I went back in, I still had about an hour and a half before I had to leave. The cute guy that had fucked me was still there chatting to the clerk, not many people were there apart from shitty attitude black guy and the married guy that was ignoring me. I wandered around a bit and cute guy had gone into and end booth and was stroking again. I asked him if he was up for some more, and he just pulled me into the booth. We made out, sucked each others nips, made out more, then I started to suck his fat tool. He again spun me around and pierced my hole, already lubed by all those other guy's loads. He was fucking me when suddenly he pulled out, and said "Stay right there." The door opened and it was married guy, with his pants open and a boner sticking out of his fly. Cute guy just motioned him over to my hole, and married guy stuck his bare shaft inside. He was long, but not as thick as cute guy. He fucked me for about a minute and asked cute guy "Did you already get off in here?" "Yeah." "I can feel it." and that must've turned married guy on, because about a minute later he was dumping a wad up my fuckhole. He zipped up and cute guy resumed fucking. I felt him churning up married guy;'s load, and I said "Your friend must've came a lot!" "Yeah, he did. I love fucking a sloppy hole." He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, we tried to get a few others to join in but none would take the bait. Now, I'd love to say I was a power bottom and he drilled me all night, but after having that fat log stretching me for 30 minutes, the abuse my hole had taken was catching up with me and I had to take a little break. My balls, ass and legs were covered in the sperm of the 5 guys that had dumped in me, and cute guy was just standing back admiring the view. He stroked his cum covered shaft until he was ready to squirt, at which point he shoved it back in my hole to top off my tank with my 6th load for the night.

I made the drive home with a satisfied, well-used hole.


Skatedude said...

Another chapter of a HOT story. Keep it cumming. Love to hear all the details. Do you ever see the same guys twice, I remember the hot married Heating/Air guy who fucked you a while back, wonder if you've seen him around lately.

Skatedude said...

Hot Hot Hot!

Anonymous said...

Always leave these stories with hard as a rock and shoot the biggest loads.

BikeGuy said...