Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 guys, 6 loads... Part One

I unexpectedly found myself with an evening free, so I headed out to my favorite bookstore. Some would say I'm a fool for driving so far to get there, but rarely do I leave there disappointed. 95% of the guys going there that mess around with me want to fuck, which is why I go to a dirty bookstore in the first place. I don't get that much interest in my ass in other, closer venues. (I think it's because the closer place has no doors on the booths, and this place does) Anyway, down to why you're here...

I arrived at the same time as this absolutely GORGEOUS little Irish stud. He was about 5' 10, a little on the stocky side, shaved head and wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants. I tried to get his attention, but nothing. Damn. I had another guy wanting to play, so I thought it was better to play with those that wanted to play rather than chase after this gorgeous guy that wasn't interested. This guy just wanted blown, so I blew him, swallowed and left his booth.

I walked around for a minute and saw that stud standing at the end of the aisle, pretending to be looking at the movie cases in the display cases. I caught his eye and flashed the biggest smile I could and said "Hi." He said hi back and I proceeded around the corner and into a booth. Just as soon as I got the dollar in the slot, HE was standing in my doorway. I stepped aside and let him in. He shut the door and we started making out. His mouth tasted a bit like chewing tobacco, but this was one time where I was so turned on I didn't care. We made out for at least 5 minutes, and I unzipped my shorts without ever breaking our lip lock. He took the chance to get his hands under my shirt. I took that as a cue to take the shirt off, so I was standing there basically naked while he was still fully clothed! He ran his hands through my chest hair, and played with my nipples some. It was at this point I noticed the little gold band on his hand.

We resumed our make out session, and I started to feel his nips through his shirt. He unbuttoned, and I started sucking on them. I started to massage his basket, and he was rock hard. Awesome. After a few more minutes of me sucking on his gorgeous round face, he unzipped. I got my mouth on his 7" slab and went to town. I still couldn't believe my luck to bag a guy this damn hot. I was sucking and sucking, hoping he would want to fuck, but I feared he might be one of those married guys just wanting to get sucked off. Whatever he wanted, he would get from me, so I just focused on giving him the best blowjob he had ever gotten. Well, after a few minutes of this, the money ran out in the booth. I fished my wallet out of my shorts, fed the machine and what do you know... as I was putting my wallet away, I felt a dick pressing against my asshole. I simply reached back and spread my cheeks, delirious I was going to get fucked by this stud god. He pressed a little, and seeing the friction he hawked a big gob of spit and applied it to his rod. It slid right in this time, and once inside the stud proceeded to give me a nice long-stroke fuck. I was so turned on I was trying not to shoot my load right then and there. He fucked me for at least 10 minutes before he grabbed onto my hips and his strokes got shorter and shorter. Without a word, I felt his member throbbing, expelling all the sperm his balls had built up in our lengthy (for a bookstore) sex bout. I was so fucking turned on that he came in me, what a damn stud! He stayed inside until he went a little soft, then he wiped his cock off and tucked it back in his pants. Darned if he didn't want to make out for a little bit more! I was surprised, since usually that place is "fuck and go" but I could have made out with him for the rest of the night. I finally said to him "When I saw you... (kiss) I was hoping... (kiss) that we would do... (kiss) this."

He gave me a big ol' smile and we dressed. I went out to my car to get some water and saw him going to his truck. It had 4-H plates on it. Well, that Irish farmer can plow my field any damn time he wants!


Anonymous said...

U Always put the Dollar in the machine and BAM,
U get The cock where u want it.
Love it.
Post a picture with ur story. Ill be hot

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Unfortunately the guys in these places aren't into picture taking. :( I do post whatever pictures I can.

Skatedude said...

Damn fine story, hot as hell, love the Irish top who fucked you, would've been nice to see him shoot his big load up your ass. You lucky devil. Hope you see him again and give us an update. By the way, have you heard from Blackbullsex lately?

Anonymous said...

I recently visited your city of Cleveland and stayed the night at Flex. Had some fun there got some fucking in, too bad you weren't there or maybe you were. I have a question where is your favorite ABS you talk about, I couldn't find one in Cleveland.