Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally Got The Load

I had about an hour and a half to kill before work, so I stopped into the baths as I was pretty damn horny. I was undressing when I saw the late 40's black guy who I first met in the bookstore about a year ago. He was cruising me hard so I thought what the hell, he's got a huge horse cock and even though he always uses rubbers I could use that mammoth dick inside me.

I finished undressing and added a dab of lube to my ass. I caught up with him in the steam room, and he was feeling my ass up in a second. I made a move to suck him, but he just pushed me up against the wall and started playing with my ass. I was shocked as hell to feel him start to push his BARE dick inside. All this time  he NEVER even considered doing anything like that. I wasn't complaining --  I was enjoying it! He fucked me for a few minutes, then asked if I had a rubber. I did, back in the locker and I told him so. I turned to go and get it when he grabbed me and started playing with my ass again. I told him he could fuck me some more and he said something about I might be dirty inside. I had cleaned out very well prior to coming, as I was looking to get fucked and I told him so. I turned around and sucked on his dick to prove the point. He roughly spun me around and shoved his dick back inside me, and started fucking me HARD.

At some point a guy started watching, and every time he would pull out, the observer would suck him. He seemed to like the guy lubing him to fuck me more, so he let this go on for a few minutes. He eventually ordered me over to this platform thing where I tried to ride him but got a cramp in my leg. The observer had followed and was trying to fuck me, but after a few minutes the black guy ordered me to his room. I followed, of course. I think he wanted the observer to come with us, but he didn't.

Once in his room, he shoved me onto the mattress and then stopped to put on the dreaded condom. Ugh. He fucked me good and hard for about 10 minutes, then said he wanted to fuck me in the sling room down the hall. He opened the door to the room and said "Get your ass in there."

We fucked in there for another 10 minutes, attracting a nice crowd. He had finally had enough and told me to go back to the room. Once back in there I was trying to think of how to get him to go back to fucking me raw. He asked me want I wanted, so I said I wanted him to fuck me hard and cum deep inside of me. "Why do you want that?" "Because I want to feel it inside me." "What are you gonna do with that cum?" "I'm going to leave it in me all day." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." He continued fucking, but with the condom. Finally, he pulled out and took flung the condom on the floor. He stood there stroking his mammoth tool. I sucked it a bit and then he turned me around and slid his bare cock back in my ass. He made me beg for his cum again, then he went balls deep and paused for a minute. He pulled out and told me we had to take a shower. Did I get his load? I felt a little drizzle of something, I knew it wasn't lube as that was long gone. About 6 hours later I released an insane amount of cum out of my ass. He finally came inside me after all this time.


Anonymous said...

Im Ur Fucking Fan.
Every day i get in ur blog to check ur Raw Fucking Sessíons. I always masturbate reading ur stories before bed.
Keep postíng

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thanks you! I'm happy to hear you like my blog!

Skatedude said...

Totally hot story dude. Love the Irish married top unloading in your hot ass. Incredibly hot action. Keep making it happen boy.