Friday, September 28, 2012

4 Load Day

Went to my favorite bookstore again, got fucked 5 times (all bare), 4 guys came inside me and only one asked if he could cum inside.

The first guy was a chubby guy that had fucked me there before, (He looks kind of like a stocky Mark McGuire) he tried to fuck me again and got his meat inside me but for some reason he kept going soft. I ended up making out with him and jerking him off. He blew his load in my hand, which I then fingered into my hole.

The next guy was a businessman type, mid 40's dressed in a shirt and tie. He followed me around for a bit so I went into a booth. He was in in a moment, and I started rubbing his basket so he wasted no time in getting his dick out and letting me blow him. He had an average sized dick, about 6 inches, I'd guess. I let my shorts hit the ground and took my shirt off, so I was basically naked in the booth while this guy was just standing there with his fly open. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes when he started feeling my ass. I turned around to give him better access. After a few fingers up there he spread my cheeks apart and rammed his tool inside. I still had lube up there from the other guy so he went in with no problem. He jackhammered me for a few minutes before he went balls deep and just held it there. I could feel his dick throbbing and the sperm travelling up his rod, so I knew he was cumming in me. He stayed in for a second as his orgasm subsided, and said "Thanks" as he pulled out. That was the first word he had spoken to me.

The second guy to fuck me was a chubby trucker with a fat 6 incher. Not much to tell here, the whole encounter lasted about 5 minutes total. I sucked him for maybe a minute when he was flipping me around and shoving his bare cock in me. He never asked if I wanted it, never said anything about a condom and didn't ask if he could cum in me. He just quickened his strokes and unloaded inside me.

About 3 minutes later I was in another trucker's booth. He had a big horse cock but sadly he was a strange one. He didn't want me to blow him, or fuck me, he only wanted to squeeze me in a bear hug and rub his cock up against me stomach. After about 5 minutes of that he was jacking off with his dick pointed at my hard cock. Without any warning he was shooting his load on my dick. I jacked off with the cum for a bit, but jacking off with sperm for lube makes me shoot almost right away so I had to stop. I still wanted to get fucked a few more times and if I shot then I would be out of the mood.

After I left his booth I sat down in another booth and fed the machine and waited. There was this cute, chubby faced guy in the hall talking to someone -- he looked European, Lithuanian or something. I sat there as he chatted with his friend, hoping he would come by. Sure enough, he was in the doorway of the booth opposite mine looking in at me massaging myself through my briefs. After a few minutes of look-seeing he was in my booth closing the door. He was a kisser, and he was so damned cute I would have done anything he wanted to. After about 10 minutes of making out and feeling up my chest he asked what I got into. "Sucking and getting fucked", I said. He pulled his boxers down revealing a hard as nails 6 incher. He turned me around and bent me over the chair, feeling my ass. It was wet from 2 loads in me so he asked "Did that other guy fuck you?" I just said yes, because 2 other guys HAD fucked me, even if my previous trick hadn't. "Fuck", he said and shoved his cock inside me. He fucked me good and hard, and after 10 minutes asked "Do you want me to fill you up?" "Fuck yeah, stud!". He pumped for maybe 3 more minutes before grunting and shooting inside me. This guy was so fucking hot I was so turned on having his jizz inside me. We said our goodbyes and I left to go get something to eat.

About an hour later I returned and it was pretty dead. This Russian looking guy was cruising me so I thought "What the hell?" and went into his booth. He was a grower, as he had about 7 inches once I sucked him hard. He started fingering me and felt my wet hole. "How many guys have fucked you today?" "Four". "Did they cum in you?" "Yes." "Good, cause I'm going to!" and he rammed me for about 3 minutes before adding his DNA to the mix.

The next guy, another trucker, was kind of weird. I went in his booth, and he said nothing, did nothing, and basically didn't even acknowledge me. I wasn't sure what to do, so I started to jack him off. It wasn't easy as he was sitting in the chair and hadn't pulled his pants down. I got him a little hard, so I tested the waters and licked the head of his cock. Still no reaction so I contorted myself to get down there and suck his trucker cock. He was dressed in jeans, steel toed boots and  a uniform shirt from a trucking company, attire that got me fucking turned on. I sucked him, even though he never pulled his pants down or even acknowledged I was there. He just stared at the porn, didn't even look down at me as I blew him. Finally, he said his first words -- "You're gonna make me cum." so I just kept sucking and in a minute I had his load in my mouth. I got up and he just zipped up, said "Thanks" and left.

After that I sucked off a few more guys and went home. I don't know what it is, but about once a month I get an overwhelming desire to be a big slut and let a bunch of guys use me as a cumrag, just like they did tonight.

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