Friday, July 20, 2012

Leaking Out

My last trip to my favorite bookstore was pretty fruitful. As I entered a cute 30's mixed race guy was standing at the counter looking at some videos. We checked each other out and I headed to the arcade. I put a dollar in, leaving my door open to see who would come and play. Mixed race guy was there in the booth opposite mine, and wasted no time in revealing an 8" uncut slab. I was in his booth in a moment, wrapping my lips around that cock. I had only been blowing him for a few minutes when he started feeling my ass. I turned around and after working some spit in my hole he was sliding his bare fucktool inside. He went slowly at first, but once he got my hole open he went to town. I was moaning because it felt sooooo good, when without warning he went balls deep and started panting as he shot his load inside me. I love it when a guy just unloads inside me without saying anything.

We said our goodbyes and as I was leaving the booth next to ours opened. I went in and found a stocky guy in his 30's, he appeared to be a truck driver. I sucked his cock, it was about 5" and he wanted some of my cum slicked hole. I turned around, he stuck a finger in and felt how wet it was and just slid his tool in saying "Nice". He only fucked me for a short time before adding his baby batter to the mix.

About 10 minutes later a really ghetto looking black guy came in, and stood outside my booth. I invited him in, and he took out what seemed to be a foot long dick. I started sucking it and after I did my "bend over to get a dollar for the booth" trick, he was rubbing his bare tool against my ass. I grabbed it and eased it in. Even though I had been fucked twice, it was so thick it hurt. He did a few slow strokes in and out then proceeded to grab my shoulders and fuck the hell out of my ass. I don't know how long it lasted, he banged me for at least 10 minutes like that. Finally he grunted and blew his load. He pulled out and shot it on my hole, then used his cock to scrape it up and work it in my hole. Hot. He stayed like that, working his meat in and out of my ass saying "I gots to get goin', I don't got time to nutt again." He gave me his number, and I will be calling him when I get back over there.

I needed a break after all that so I stopped into a taco restaurant down the street from there. As I was having my dinner, I noticed a trail of cum had leaked out of my ass and down my leg. I was feeling really slutty so I just left it there, hoping one of the members of a baseball team that was in there would figure out what it was and want a piece as well. 


Duo said...

Instand hardon! VERY hot! -Dan

Cleveland bottom guy said...


Horny in CLE said...

I would have loved to have seen you with that running down your leg.. Might have asked you to join me in the bathroom to add another!