Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five Cocks Three Loads

Wandered into the baths the other day, horny as hell for a nice dick to pound my hole and deposit a load of thick cream inside me.

I got my locker and wandered the halls for a bit before a nice looking guy invited me into his room. He threw a nice fuck, but sadly wasted his load inside a rubber. Blah. Since I was there to get a load inside me, I was back cruising the halls looking for someone to make that happen. I wandered over to the video area where some guy in a jockstrap was getting fucked, and a crowd had gathered to watch. A chubby black guy was standing there with a ginormous cock sticking out of hos towel. I decided to try my luck, and after initial contact I was down on my knees sucking this throat stretching tool. I sucked him and got him nice and hard, so I switched position until my ass was up in the air, inviting him to slip his rod in. About this time whoever had finished up with the jockstrap guy, so black guy went over and took his place at the kid's hole. Damn.

About this time I see a guy I have fucked around with before, the guy that kind of looks like Lamont Sanford -- hairy chested black guy with a mustache. Nice looking guy really, with a nice dick with a FAT mushroom head on it. The kind of cock where you really only feel the head burrowing it's way inside you which is pretty hot. I licked his nipples a bit then played with his sausage through his towel. After a bit he wanted to walk around a bit. Damn.

I was back down the hallway, and it wasn't long before I caught the eye of another guy. We made out, he dragged me into his room and fucked me, again wasting his load in a rubber. Damn.

I wandered back to the video room, jock boy was getting fucked by the black guy still, and a crowd had gathered around. I tried to get the attention of a cute shaved head guy, but no luck. I left the area for a while, then ended up in another video room. Shaved head guy was there, and looking to play. I went over to the chair he was in and started sucking his cock. He was loving it and wanted to eat my ass out. I bent over and let him have at it. He was quite good at it, and also quite good at getting my hole wet with spit. This allowed him to get up and place his bare dick in my ass, and push it in. Ah, lovely! It was hot the way he did it, no asking if I wanted it or anything, just taking what he wanted! He nailed me pretty good, then sat back down and told "taste your ass on this dick". I sucked him for maybe a minute before he was blowing a load in my mouth. At least I got a load somewhere!!

Back in the other video room, I met up with Lamont. Again I played with his chest, and this time he freed his nice cock and let me suck it. But again, after a few minutes, it was off to walk around. Damn.

I wandered around for a bit, when I saw the first black guy in the hall. He practically pulled me into a play area, which I wasn't expecting since I thought he finished himself off in jockstrap boy's ass. Well, if he did he was clearly ready for round two. I was on my knees sucking his jaw stretcher once again. In seconds, he was hard again, my mouth struggling to accommodate his massive rod. Well, he wasn't playing around because before long I was shoved up onto the side of this bunk bed thing, and a bare tool was prodding my hole. He shoved it in and oh my god that fucking hurt! I backed off and squirted a gob of lube on my ass, and he shoved it back in. It still hurt like hell, but at least that shaft entered a little easier this time around. This guy threw a hell of a fuck. I was grabbing on the bunk bed thing for dear life, it was rattling and shaking and causing a hell of a noise. As I was bent over getting nailed by this stud I saw Lamont wandered in and was watching me. If he was pissed or whatever I don't know, and I really couldn't think about anything but the sensation of having my ass ripped apart by a Hickory Farms Sausage. I had lost all track of time when finally my fucker went balls deep and started grunting. Holy fuck, there was no way he had cum fucking the jockstrap kid. My ass was getting a cum enema. After his dick stopped throbbing, he yanked it out and sperm was dripping all down my legs and ass. "Thanks" he said and left the room.

I had to run to the bathroom to clean up. My backside was a spermy mess. I got a paper towel and wiped it down my ass crack and it was covered in sperm from this guy. Wow.

20 minutes alter I ran into Lamont in a common area. I wasn't sure if he was interested in doing anything, since he had walked away twice before and just saw me getting fucked by the other guy. I hung around his general area, when he looked at me and walked over to a dark corner. I followed, and he pushed me down on my knees and shoved his dick in my mouth. After pumping his dick in for a while he threw me against the wall and launched an all out assault on my ass, which was sore from the fucking the other guy had given me. He knew there was cum in there, because he kept pulling out and stroking his cum covered shaft. After about 10 minutes his load was added to the other guy's, the fat mushroom head of his cock trapping all the sperm deep inside me.